Velvet skin body treatment - leaves skin silky smooth- includes body brush, oil & salt exfoliation removed with warm mitts and treatment cream applied - 30 minutes - £30.00

include a massage - 60 minute treatment in total, you will be left with velvety soft and supple skin and feel totally pampered and relaxed - £55.00

Deep cleansing back treatment - a relaxing treatment. to deep cleanse and detoxify the back and s shoulders. Blocked press will be released, leaving your back smoother and decongested. also ideal for pre and post self-tanning - £60.00

Muscle De-stress treatment - a treatment to ease tension, relax muscles and help relieve stress. Includes exfoliation, a muscle soothing massage, a warming detoxifying. mask and a finishing balm to nourish a nd hydrate the skin - £65.00

Firming re-sculpting body treatment - the ultimate treatment to give immediate inch loss and a smoother, more refined silhouette. Results are visible after one treatment, so ideal as a single session before a special occasion or as a course of four or eight treatments ( 2 per week for 4 weeks to achieve ultimate results and. inch loss of up to one dress size) - £65.00

Universal contour Wrap

Full Body Wrap - contouring bandage wrap treatment with guaranteed inch loss. Detoxifying and firming tissues - £75.00

Express Body Wrap - target one or two areas - express version of full wrap - inch loss not guaranteed - £35.00 each. area

Detox body therapy - using signature clay to detoxifying the tissues in. this relaxing mud wrap, includes body exfoliation - £60.00

Co2 Anti-cellulite treatment - co2 patches applied to problem areas , followed by a massage. - this treatment allows the body to naturally breakdown cellulite leaving the skin smoother and firmer - £65

Massage therapies

Swedish massage  - traditional massage manipulations to produce deep relaxation and help to break down tension nodules - full body- 60 minutes - £55.00

Back, neck, shoulders and scalp with facial pressure points - 45 minutes - £40.00

Back, neck and shoulders £30.00


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